What can come in IBPS IT Specialist Officer Exam

40-50 % comes from Database
Just cram all these points can come in exam. 9th feb 2014 and further ibps bank exam

1-  database collection of inter related data
goal – to store and retrieve conveniently and efficiently

2- Components of database system
Data, hardware,software, users
3- advantage

No data redundancy, data is consistent, easy access, no data isolation ,multiple users can access, secure, maintain integrity.

4-  data abstraction is at view level

5- there are 3 levels lowest physical level- how data are stored , it is complex

Middle conceptual level what data is stored, relationship among data

Then the top level view level describe part of database,highest level.

6-  very important ER Model

Entity relationship model consists of entity and attributes, relationships
Ellipses shows attributes, rectangle is entity, lines tell relationship between entity and attributes.

7- data models are of 3 types record based logical model, physical model, object based.

ER Model is object based model.

Important question what is cardinality- its degree .

Ask if there is any doubt happy to help you !

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