Quick revision Points Electric Current and its Effect

Electric Current and its effect
* Battery- the positive terminal is connected to the negative terminal
of the cell this combination of two or more is called battery
*Long terminal is the positive terminal while the short one is the
negative terminal
* Fuse is the safety device which is made up of special material which
melts down quickly if large heavy current flows through it. So as not
to catch fire problem.
* HEAT is the energy produced in the wire which depends on the
thickness ,length i.e the cross section and material of the wire.
* MSBs known as miniature circuit breakers which are nowadays used in
place of fuse.
* These are the switches automatically breaksdown if large current
flow through it.

Reading all those points will help you remember important points which will help in easy and quick answer of the SSC general knowledge questions or other competitive exam

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