Eddy current

The induce circulating current produce in a conductor itself due to change in magnetic flux linked with the conductor is called eddy current.

Disadvantage of eddy current
1.the production of eddy current in a metallic block leads to the loss of electrical the form of heat.
2.the heat produce due to eddy current breaks the insulation used in the electrical machine.

The impedance of L.C.R circuit is define as the total effective a position offered by a circuit to flow of ac.

Electrical resonance
It is said to be take place in L.C.R circuit when the circuit is allow the maximum current for a given frequency of the alternative source for which the inductive resistance become equal to the capacitance resistance.

The solid having very low value of resistivity or very high value of conductivity are called as metal.

The solid having very high value of resistivity or low value of conductivity are called insulators.


Photons are the packets of energy which are emmited by a source of radiation.

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