Important points and terms of biology for SSC SCIENCE SECTION

Today the post is about ssc examination and we will be starting with biology section .
Biology section is included in the science section and it is of great importance.
Okay starting with the bio section what is biology.Biology what is it it’s about living beings.
Biology is of 2 types botany and zoology.That is the study of plans and the study of animals respectively.
Some important terms of biology.

Rearing of honey bee for honey is apiculture
Fishery is the catching breeding rearing and marketing of fishes
Forestry the development and the management of forest.
Ecology is the study of living and environment.
Entomology is the study of insects.
biometrics study of biological problem.
Clones r generally identical individuals in a population.

Mycology the study of fungi.
Osteology is the study of bones.
Nephrology the study of kidneys
neurology is the study of nervous system.
phycology study of algae

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