IBPS IT Specialist Officer 2014 reviews , fundaas and how to manage time and crack it.

Specialist Officer exam held on 9th feb 2014 in the afternoon session overview

Starting with the professional knowledge section 35-40 questions were very easy . 10-15 little bit difficult you have to stress on your mind and it may come out that 5 or 6 questions you will not be able to answer.

The second section Maths quite easy but that bar graph question was time taking as most of us has to look it so carefully (time consuming). Approximate questions were easy ,the pie chart question was easy ,first 2 series question were difficult other 3 were easy.

Fundaa is to skip questions you. Find time consuming as anyway i think no one is able to solve 200 questions in 120 minutes.  So do smart work

Then the third section reasoning 25-30 questions were sort of easy , seating arrangement was time consuming , coding few answers can be find quickly

Last one english easiest section only passages consume some time . So better increase speed, skip time consuming question divide the timing in how much minutes you will do what and practice practice practice!!

Comment if you had given exam or having some more reviews or techniques to crack . Sharing is Helping and for youits blessings !! AND EVERYONE NEED BLESSINGS

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