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Important points and terms of biology for SSC SCIENCE SECTION

Today the post is about ssc examination and we will be starting with biology section .
Biology section is included in the science section and it is of great importance.
Okay starting with the bio section what is biology.Biology what is it it’s about living beings.
Biology is of 2 types botany and zoology.That is the study of plans and the study of animals respectively.
Some important terms of biology.

Rearing of honey bee for honey is apiculture
Fishery is the catching breeding rearing and marketing of fishes
Forestry the development and the management of forest.
Ecology is the study of living and environment.
Entomology is the study of insects.
biometrics study of biological problem.
Clones r generally identical individuals in a population.

Mycology the study of fungi.
Osteology is the study of bones.
Nephrology the study of kidneys
neurology is the study of nervous system.
phycology study of algae


Starting with first topic POWER SHARING

Sharing  of power makes two countries more powerful instead of weak. As conflict among country people can lead to civil war example is SRI LANKA

Sri lanka consists of 74% sinhala people, 18 % tamil people in which some are sri lankan tamil and rest are indian tamils.
Sinhala speaking peoples are buddhist .
MAJORITARIANISM OCCURRED IN SRI LANKA the dominanted community peoples i.e the sinhala peoples ruled without considering the wishes and needs of rest i.e tamilians. This caused great conflict leading to war.

Belgium small country of europe with 1 million population consist of 59% dutch speaking people 40% french and 1% german instead of raising a war brussel the capital government work by sharing the power and considering all the needs of other community peoples.

Power sharing reduces the possibility of conflicts and is a good way to ensure stability



* Compass needle is made up of tiny magnet which gets deflected as the
current is passed through it.
* Hans Christian oersted noticed this first.
* Light travels in straight lines.
* Change in the direction of light is called reflectionof light.
* Image formed by plane mirror is erect and of the same size as the object is.
* In mirrors only sides interchange . right becomes left. And left becomes right

Reading all those points will help you remember important points which
will help in easy and quick answer of the SSC general knowledge
questions or other competitive exam

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Quick revision Points Electric Current and its Effect

Electric Current and its effect
* Battery- the positive terminal is connected to the negative terminal
of the cell this combination of two or more is called battery
*Long terminal is the positive terminal while the short one is the
negative terminal
* Fuse is the safety device which is made up of special material which
melts down quickly if large heavy current flows through it. So as not
to catch fire problem.
* HEAT is the energy produced in the wire which depends on the
thickness ,length i.e the cross section and material of the wire.
* MSBs known as miniature circuit breakers which are nowadays used in
place of fuse.
* These are the switches automatically breaksdown if large current
flow through it.

Reading all those points will help you remember important points which will help in easy and quick answer of the SSC general knowledge questions or other competitive exam

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NCERT IMPORTANT NOTES plus Quick GK revision Points on Indian Geography

Starting the ncert notes making with INDIAN GEOGRAPHY
very important topic for SSC•CGL , SSC•FCI, UPSC ,NDA,SCRA, General Knowledge and many more competitive exams.

Chaptetwise ,Pointwise important Notes of NCERT


••> Resources are everything that satisfy human needs and are found in our biosphere. These are the functions to human activities

There are many types important ones are –

1• Aboitic resources which are consists of non living things but exist in our nature as rocks ,metals

2• Boitic Resources are living things which have life like human flora ,fauna, livestocks( sheepS..hens etc)

3• renewable resources which can easily be reproduced and renewed like wind , water , solar energy . No dearth of such resources

4• non renewable those take long time to be produced again or get back again like fossil fuels, petroleum etc. Its reproduction takes millions of years.

5• based on ownership individual,community,National,international.


DEVELOPMENT IN WHICH THE PRESENT human needs are not compromise with the future generation needs. Making best use of available resources without exploiting them.

Reading all those points will help you remember important points which will help in easy and quick answer of the SSC general knowledge questions or other competitive exam

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IBPS IT Specialist Officer 2014 reviews , fundaas and how to manage time and crack it.

Specialist Officer exam held on 9th feb 2014 in the afternoon session overview

Starting with the professional knowledge section 35-40 questions were very easy . 10-15 little bit difficult you have to stress on your mind and it may come out that 5 or 6 questions you will not be able to answer.

The second section Maths quite easy but that bar graph question was time taking as most of us has to look it so carefully (time consuming). Approximate questions were easy ,the pie chart question was easy ,first 2 series question were difficult other 3 were easy.

Fundaa is to skip questions you. Find time consuming as anyway i think no one is able to solve 200 questions in 120 minutes.  So do smart work

Then the third section reasoning 25-30 questions were sort of easy , seating arrangement was time consuming , coding few answers can be find quickly

Last one english easiest section only passages consume some time . So better increase speed, skip time consuming question divide the timing in how much minutes you will do what and practice practice practice!!

Comment if you had given exam or having some more reviews or techniques to crack . Sharing is Helping and for youits blessings !! AND EVERYONE NEED BLESSINGS


Data Independence important topic
Ability to modify the one level without affecting other level of scheme is called data independence
It is of 2 types

1- Physical data independence
Ability to modify the physical level schema without causing application program to be rewritten.
It improve performance

2• logical data independence

Ability to modify the conceptual level schema without causing application program to be rewritten.

it is harder to achieve as application programs are heavily dependent on it.


DATA DEFINITION LANGUAGE -defines the  database schema ,the definition of database. Also known as DDL


also known as dml use to retrieve,delete,modify,insert

Types of DML
1- Procedural • what data is needed and how to get it

2 Non Procedural• what data is needed. Procedural generate more efficient codes.

What can come in IBPS IT Specialist Officer Exam

40-50 % comes from Database
Just cram all these points can come in exam. 9th feb 2014 and further ibps bank exam

1-  database collection of inter related data
goal – to store and retrieve conveniently and efficiently

2- Components of database system
Data, hardware,software, users
3- advantage

No data redundancy, data is consistent, easy access, no data isolation ,multiple users can access, secure, maintain integrity.

4-  data abstraction is at view level

5- there are 3 levels lowest physical level- how data are stored , it is complex

Middle conceptual level what data is stored, relationship among data

Then the top level view level describe part of database,highest level.

6-  very important ER Model

Entity relationship model consists of entity and attributes, relationships
Ellipses shows attributes, rectangle is entity, lines tell relationship between entity and attributes.

7- data models are of 3 types record based logical model, physical model, object based.

ER Model is object based model.

Important question what is cardinality- its degree .

Ask if there is any doubt happy to help you !